Beautifying the city with visual art

PANO_20160420_061104-01Thiruvananthapuram City has a lot of wall art across the city.

The first art form which can’t be omitted would be the wall art during the election time with candidate names,party name,slogan etc. I think it is good to have these arts in public walls or abandoned areas as it ensures free painting to dull areas,but it should remain limited to untouched places rather than private walls or areas.

These days we can see an emergence of wall art to beautify the city and the beautification mainly focuses the central areas such as Palayam,Rama Rao junction,PMG,Museum and Kanakakkunu Palace area. I have uploaded the Panoramic view of these to see and awe the beauty and expressive ideas of artists.

Taken entirely with Oneplus One and edited with Snapseed and Adobe Photoshop.